Beltway Atheists, Inc. Director for Educational Outreach is invited to speak at Dominion High School

Beltway Atheists, Inc. Director of Educational Outreach, Larry Mendoza, will be giving a talk on Evolution and Creationism at Dominion High School (DHS) in Loudoun County, November 15. This marks the third year that Larry has been invited to speak at Dominion High School. This invitation has been extended by the Dominion High School Free Thinkers, a student organized group designed to promote free thinking, science and rationalism.

As Educational Outreach Director, Larry has been working with local high schools and colleges to help promote scientific literacy, free thinking and has been invited to attend meetings both formally and informally.

Beltway Atheists, Inc. is very excited to engage the local community to promote free thinking, scientific literacy and secularism.

Larry Mendoza talks to Dominion High School Free Thinkers