Science on the Lawn

The best idea anyone ever had.

On August 20, 1858, Charles Darwin first published a synoptic version of On the Origin of Species in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society of London. Darwin’s Law is the foundation of all biology. With Evolution, biology is coherent and discoverable – without Evolution, biology makes no sense at all and we would be left with only Bronze-age mysticism. After 150 years, Darwin’s law is universally acknowledged by Scientists and remains uncontradicted by a single shred of evidence. In fact, it is reconfirmed daily with the discovery of every new addition to the fossil record.

Darwin’s synthesis of Evolution by natural selection is not merely earthshatteringly brilliant, it has been called the best idea anyone ever had. Given that, Darwin’s first publication of On the Origin of Species is certainly noteworthy and is the subject of our banner for August.

We will be erecting the banner in our usual spot on the Loudoun County Courthouse lawn – at the corner of King and Market Streets in old town Leesburg, VA.  The public is invited to attend .