Bible Reading Marathon Under Way on Government Property

Even as Loudoun County has placed a “moratorium” on all unattended displays on the Court House lawn, they continue to accept and approve permits for other interest groups, particularly religious groups. The moratorium is in place until they figure out how to keep the atheists off the lawn while allowing  the christians on with some semblance of legal ass coverage.

Currently, Loudoun County (LoCo) is one of dozens of municipalities in the US who are allowing a concerted effort to deny and destroy the wall of separation between religion and government.

This aggravated denial of Separation is galling, when it is not comical. On one hand they are engaged in an effort to erase the distinction between religion and government, and doing so in full collusion with the all-republican County Board of Supervisors.

On the other hand, their effort to reach a wide audience is a failure. The picture tells the tale.

Failure of Faith

Turnout is almost non-existent.


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