NOVA Atheists Display Is Now Up

Our Seasonal Attack on Christianity

On Saturday, Dec. 16, we put up our own display on the Loudoun County Court House lawn. The NOVA display, like all of our previous displays, failed to trash christianity or to attack christmas. The local christian community is, predictably, outraged at the anti-christian, anti christmas hate speech in our display. The obvious lesson here? Haters are just gonna hate. And facts are irrelevant.

Our display followed a week of controversy following the vandalism of the Skeleton Santa display.

Jeff Heflin, son of a NOVA Atheists member, but who refers to himself as a christian, put up a skeleton in a Santa suit on a cross. It was clearly stated in his Permit Application to the county that the art piece was critical of the takeover of christmas by big box commercialism. This would seem to be something that christians and atheists agree on. But naturally, the display evoked the usual knee-jerk, sky-is-falling, full martyrdom response we get from the christian community for any perceived insult, such as our continued attempts to exercise our free speech rights.

The legally permitted display was vandalized in broad daylight, on government property, in front of a Channel 9 camera and in front of a Loudoun County Sherriff’s Deputy, by a local christian woman who imagines that the test of Free Speech is whatever offends her. The Deputy walked around the vandal and forced the news camera off the Court House property, then walked back past the vandal, refusing to “get involved in all that,” and disappeared back into the County offices. Despite the fact that the footage of the vandalism, showing the woman boasting of her righteous indignation, and of the Deputy ignoring the crime, was shown twice on Channel 9, there has been no arrest.

That the christian community was absolutely wrong about the display did not alter their narrative, that it was an atheist attack on christianity. And their lament included the usual nonsensical contradiction. They would, in one breath, claim to be an overwhelming majority, apparently thinking that the rights of minorities depend upon the  permission of the majority, and, in the next breath, claim to be oppressed by atheists, even as they stand holding a sign asserting that only 2% of Americans are atheists.

But the christian community never fails to deliver. The following email, sent to each board member of Beltway Atheists,  would seem to represent the sentiment of some of the more adamant, vocal, and impulse control-challenged members of the christian community:

sigh, you people suck for what you are doing in Leesburg, assfucking clowns if you ask me…since you are open minded and tolerant, send your whore wives over and let me skull fuck them while you watch…you cocksuckers are nothing more than pussy ass contrarians that are full of shit and can kiss my motherfucking ass…I love free speech too you limped dick pussy ass motherfuckers…love and joy, Stace.

Hey, Stace! Learn that in church?

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