Celebrating Science and Reason on the Court House Lawn

Charles Darwin on the Court House Lawn

Beltway Atheist, Inc. placed a  banner honoring Charles Darwin on the Loudoun County Virginia Court House lawn from Feb. 5 – Feb. 19. Darwin’s birthday is February 12th.

The Darwin banner follows the very successful holiday season in December. Atheists put up displays on 6 of the 10 spots allocated by the county.

The Darwin banner is the first in a series of banners, displays, and signs that will be going up on the court house lawn to honor Science and Reason. In March – pending approval of my recent permit application – we will be putting up another banner honoring  Albert Einstein, whose birthday falls on March 14.

We hope to continue almost every month for the calendar year with banners honoring Thomas Jefferson, Carl Sagan, and others. The religious community garners the county government’s endorsement every christmas. We chose to use the court house lawn as a platform to gain tacit recognition, by the county government, of Science and Reason – an honorable cause and one that is entirely compliant with the Constitution .

Naturally, these banners cost money.If you would like to help, please click the Contribute button and make a donation that will help us continue this sign project.

Rick Wingrove
Beltway Atheists, Inc.

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